Dr.Busujima Conspires To Trap A Wife

Dr.Busujima Conspires To Trap A Wife [RAW] [3D]
(怪奇エロエロ Dr.毒島の陰謀 罠に堕ちた寝取られ妻 / Strang Erotica: The Conspiracy of Dr. Busujima)

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PLOT: Doctor Busujima is an evil 90 year old physician who wishes to live forever. To do so he he must find a young body to transfer his soul into. He finds the perfect married couple, he will acquire a young fit body and a sexy well endowed wife all in one coup.
During a visit at his clinic he injects the husband with a virus to lure the wife. He calls her to his office where desperate she foolishly offered her body to the doctor to spare her husband. He plays along, leading her to believe her husband will be saved. After violating her, he lets her “throw the switch”, which she thinks will save her husband.

Instead, it shifts Busujima’s evil soul into the dead husband’s body…

But the experiment went wrong! The transfer caused his body to mutate into a 5-meter behemoth with a gigantic throbbing cock! It doesn’t take him long to try out his new body on his sexy little wife…

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