Guild Meister RE097938 RJ097938

Guild Meister RE097938 RJ097938

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Play as Sharon, bikini-clad valkyrie warrioress, in a castle sidescroller against invading monsters.

* Jump, Crouch, Attack, Special Moves all included. Take strikes and lose bikini armor, then take damage fighting nude against enemies culiminating in sex!

* 4 total stages, each with boss battle. Bugs and tentacles, orcs and soldiers, slimes, a wide variety of monsters swoop and rush for a taste of your luscious body!

* Sex scenes for all monsters, including blowjob, double/triple penetration, egg spawn, plump belly, orgy/multiple partners, nipple play and more. When your orgasm gauge reaches MAX you can go to the finishing shot. Swarms of enemies will assault in gangbang mode!

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