Kitty Pleasure Pack 1 [ENG SUBS] [UNCEN]

Contains Both:
– A Tail of two sisters
(チャームポイント 1~シスターズ輪舞~ / Charm Point 1: Sister`s Rondo)
– Midnight Milk Party
(ピッコマンの鬼畜道 ~真夜中のみるくパーティー~ / Pikkoman no Kichikumichi: Mayonaka no Milk Party)

Direct Download:
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Download A Tail Of Two Sisters English Subtitles Uncensored.avi from AnimeFiles Online!

A Tale of Two Sisters PLOT: Serina and Yuimi both attend the same school, though Serina is a professor, this doesn’t stop her from dating the students (niiiiice). Both are exploring their feelings for their current boyfriends. This obviously being a hentai means that you can probably guess what I mean by exploring.

Midnight Milk Party PLOT: A much darker story. Akiho graduated collage a few months ago, and made a questionable decision. Now that past decision seems to dictate her life as the debauchery and humilliation continue to be constants in her present.

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