Monster Girl Academy

[DDH] Monster Girl Academy

Monster Girl Academy
Sei Monmusu Gakuen
st. Monmusu Gakuen
Monster Girl High School

Direct Download:
[DDH] Monster Girl Academy.part1.rar (999 MB)
[DDH] Monster Girl Academy.part2.rar (999 MB)
[DDH] Monster Girl Academy.part3.rar (359.62 MB)


  1. Hello, did someone have the install instruction ?

    I mount the iso and try to install ( with applocale of course ) but I fail … somehow . In fact the game seems to be installed, without any .exe to launch and play. I install the game with the setup.exe, japanese writing .exe doesn’t seems to work for install the game.

    ps : sorry if i’m not clear, i’m not English-speaker.

  2. I can4t play the game, when I run it redirects me to a web page SOFTWARE SUPPORT, Can anyone help me?

  3. this following text is in french:
    je n arrive pas décompresser les 3 parties
    je suis sous linux
    avez vous une solution ?

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