1. At the top left are the “teasing”-options. Click one of them and click on the girl with the mouse wheel. If you habe enough points, you can unlock more options or put the girl more into sleep

  2. just … fuck this useless shit …. it really does nothing i uninstall this shit ….

    wasted my time downloading a shitty fake game thats nothing more than an image

  3. but what am i supposed to do after all on this game

    even supposed if is a game …. seems more like just a stupid pixeled immage it doesn’t do nothing shiet …

  4. how am i supposed to play this game ? i tried clicked and pressing every single button and smasshing the keyboard for like 15 mins and nothing happens the bitch didn’t moved and she is still asleep

      1. I download the file, but it turns up corrupted. I’m not entirely sure what’s up, but I can’t get the file from there. I’ve never had a problem downloading from anywhere else, so could you please offer an alternative? Sorry to ask, but I’d really like to have this.

          1. Well, I actually had no idea that the version of Winrar you were using had so much effect on what you could open. Sorry about that.
            Otherwise, no need to be rude. It was throwing up the regular ‘unknown format or damaged’ error, and that normally means that something went wrong with either the download OR the file itself. I legitimately didn’t know which it was, so I guessed one, then the other.
            Thanks for your help, though, and thanks for the download. Sorry for the trouble.

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