Night Shift Nurses – Yagami Yu [ENG SUBS]

Night Shift Nurses – Yagami Yu [ENG SUBS]
(アニメ 八神優 / Anime Yagami Yuu / 夜勤病棟 八神優 / Yakin Byoutou Yagami Yu)

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PLOT: This is a side story centering mostly around the nurse Yagami Yu. This story is told through the memoirs of one Jiro Yotsuya, an unfortunate novelist who ends up as a patient at the Tokizaka hospital where Yu works. He depicts the crazy and frightening events that took place during his stay between truth and fiction. He tells of how Yu the friendly and overly achieving nurse taking care of him becomes obsessed with caring for and pleasing her patients in every way. This obsession soon leads her to perform sexually on her patients and even further to a much darker and more demented places. Yotsuya barely escapes with his life to tell his tale.

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