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ブランド / Brand: Lump of Sugar
発売日 / Release Date: 2010/05/28

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Download [OHG] PrismRhythm.part1.rar from Rabid Files
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Download [OHG] PrismRhythm.part3.rar from Rabid Files
Download [OHG] PrismRhythm Complete Game Save.rar from Rabid Files

There is a huge tree called Spring Snow, which brings water to people. At the night of the festival to express gratitude to the tree, Kazuki sneaks into a forest to look for a fairy. He meets a girl, Caroline, there. She is actually a holy dancer performed in front of the tree at the festival. Inspired by her dance, Kazuki decides to enroll into a prestigious school. Though people around him say, “It’s impossible,” he passes the exam. His new school life now starts….

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