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  1. Do you think you can get more games with quality similar to that of umemero or syld? Or the dollhouse games/html’s because it seems all you can find is just the “gamerip” versions of all this stuff.

  2. Hi, DM, any chance of fixing Magical Marriage Lunatics? Request a a 2nd Installation Disc which is not currently included and just copying the game files to the HDD results in a crash for missing files & directories. Thanks.

  3. So…DM…I’ve been asking for help on the game pages…but since I still haven’t gotten a response I’ll ask here…I’m having an issue with [(Nitro Plus) Jingai Makyou…one of them is that the game installed just fine, but when I open the game file, nothing happens…the game also came with a NoDisc folder with a file called SAR.dll. I moved that file into the game directory and it still doesn’t work…Any ideas?

  4. it seems, i can’t download any game now, at first it works fine but after 5/10 sec my speed going down and reach 0 then it says “Failed – Network error”, i download from google chrome. then i try mozilla, same problem.
    IF any of you guys have same problem please share, or is it just me?

    1. As in download. I’ve been looking to play Demonion 1 and 2 for quite a while. I know there’s no english translations yet (although I DID stumble on something about there possibly being one). At this point I just want to play the games, but everywhere I look the torrents are old, the files are gone, or the downloads are just dead. By a stroke of pure luck I found the first one somewhere, but I have had next to no luck finding the 2nd anywhere. I can’t even get the CGs for the 2nd one. The download kills itself after wasting hours running.

  5. Oh, one last thing. Any chance you could add the ability to filter searches by type? As in being able to search for only Doujin, only H-Games etc.

  6. Also had a question and a bit of a request. Would you care if I upload some of this stuff as torrents on Nyaa? I’d give credit of course, as well as link back here if you’d like.

    And the request-ish:

    ^^^Could you re-upload that game with the newer English version update that was released on May 17th?

    The Engrish is apparently quite funny and supposedly adds to the experience (plus it’s just great to be able to “understand” what the characters are saying), and it’s sad that no one’s shared it yet because it was released as an update 12 days after the original western DLsite release.

    Anyway, thank you for your time and sorry for the super-long comments ^_^’

  7. So… What is this place exactly? Just a few awesome people releasing H-stuff? I wonder why I’ve never discovered this place or been linked here before, especially considering it’s been around for at least almost 4 years.

    A couple suggestions though:

    1. I don’t mean this in an offensive way at all, but the site doesn’t *look* like the most legit place, at first glance. You guys should put up an “about” page and link to it on the top bar (maybe on the end, after subscribe?), IMO that would really help.

    2. Might you consider putting SHA hashes for the EXE and/or ZIP files on the info pages? Would be great for people who’re a bit wary of the DDL sites. The newest versions of 7-Zip have context menu hashing tools built-in, so neither you nor the downloaders would need to install anything extra.

    3. Also, any chance you could put the download size on the info pages? Would give people an idea of what they’re getting themselves into.

    Anyway, thank you guys for your awesome work! So far this is one of the only places I’ve found with RE DLsite stuff.

  8. I can’t download any file,
    I got this,
    please help me
    Database Error:
    Failed connecting to the database with the supplied connection details. Please check the details are correct and your MySQL user has permissions to access this database.

    (host: localhost, user: rabidfiles_com, pass: ********)

    1. you can only download 1 file at a time if you do not have a premium account

      you ip could have been used by multiple people trying to access the file which would also cause that error.

  9. Amazing work you guys do here, but I’m having a playback issue with “Twin Succubus”.
    It videos don’t go to the next one when the first is done playing. Like, the video reaches the end, but the pretentage doesn’t reach 100%, and the next video doesn’t activate.

  10. i am using rabidfiles to download, but this one will only download 65.5mb (out of the 156.9mb listed); it ends at the 8min. 52sec. mark. could you please help? thanks!

  11. sorry to bother you but could u tell me ho to combine the updates packages to the games like the rap lay, a lot of your games has updates u can download for them and I m not the most computer savvy guy if u can and don’t mind answering thank you if don’t want to I understand hope u have a great day and your site is pretty cool

  12. can you please upload a hentai manga called ‘Dorei Usagi to Anthony’ ? i hope that you can find the original (japanese) version. thanks.

  13. Excuse me, but the DL link for The Idol Agencys All-You-Can-Screw Bailout Hypnosis ADV Game is wrong and is the DL link for the previous post

  14. i’ve download this file (Sutadora SASSA! RE070248 RJ070248) and try unzipping it with winrar with oldest to newest version but still it says ‘unsupported format’. why?

      1. hey man. i’ve used winrar 5.0(every single language) but still………not sure what is happening……is trial version not compatible with the file?

          1. i know what’s going on after trying several days. i have to turn off my antivirus program beforehand or else it will prevent me from accessing/ extracting those new files. sorry for giving you so much trouble. sorry….

    1. All the doujin are there. The themes were incompatible and I’ll have to slightly adjust the old doujin posts so they will show up. But it will all be there.

    1. I’d be glad to try and fill your request but that’s really vague… Could you mean ETERNAL KINGDOM ~滅びの魔女と伝説の剣~ It’s the only thing I found with Kingdom written in English in the title. So I will release that one for you.

      Anyone posting a request please include the Japanese name or even better a or link would be super!!

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