Real Play with DLC

Real Play with DLC
リアルプレイ 初回版

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Download [] Real Play with DLC.part1.rar from Rabid Files
Download [] Real Play with DLC.part2.rar from Rabid Files
Download [] Real Play with DLC.part3.rar from Rabid Files
Download Real Play HF Patch.rar from Rabid Files

Real Play HF Patch version 0.5 includes:
Official: Real Play Preorder (Natsume) and DLC1-4 by Illusion DLC4 added!
User Interface Translation v0r07 by Itkatsu (Sogekihei) PARTIAL TRANSLATION ONLY!
Launcher v1.0-DLC2 by TheShadow
Studio Launcher DLC4 by lgts20xx PARTIAL TRANSLATION ONLY! Updated!
Esthetic Play Launcher by lgts20xx PARTIAL TRANSLATION ONLY!
Story Translation v.1 by kudanilarab , proofread by CABAL
Real Studio Effect, Item & Map by Vincent119
Real Studio Machine Translated Lists by RickMontana
Real Studio Translated Manipulation Keys & IK by RickMontana
Full Uncensor + Animation Fixes, Update 140313 by 777Maliwei
DLC2 Uncensor by SysTPP & 777Maliwei
DLC3 Uncensor v1Fix by Follado & 777Maliwei Updated!
DLC4 Uncensor by Follado & 777Maliwei New!
Item Uncensor 140315 by biglobster
Real Studio Penis Items by totaldecay78 & 777Maliwei
100% Unlocked Save Game by digitalartnet
Windowed Fullscreen 2.0 by enter75
Illusion Wizzard by darkhound with RP.profile and RPDecrypt by lds718 (for future mods)


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