Renketsu Houshiki EP01-03 [RAW]

Renketsu Houshiki EPISODES 01-03 [RAW]
(連結方式 / Consolidated System, Method of Coupling)

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[].Renketsu.Houshiki.EP01.[RAW].avi (300.88 MB)
[].Renketsu.Houshiki.EP02.[RAW].avi (351.82 MB)
[].Renketsu.Houshiki.EP03.[RAW].avi (376.94 MB)

PLOT: Three unrelated stories about the sexual experimentation of teenage students. In the first storie; Keisuke’s father has informed his mother as well as Keisuke and Misaki that he has been diagnosed with cancer. And so, Keisuke announces that he wishes to inherit the family’s liquor business and be married to the daughter of his father’s former colleague. However, Keisuke’s sister Misaki does not give her blessing to the marriage. They are more than siblings. The both of them cross the threshold and make love all night and on the day that Keisuke’s fiancé’s family comes to meet with them. Misaki shows her desire for Keisuke and they mutually surrender themselves to each others’ flesh. Keisuke must choose between a normal and successful life, or to follow his desires and submit himself to their forbidden relationship.

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