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Post your requests here.

You can request hentai games, hentai anime, hentai manga ( doujin ), japanese adult videos ( JAVs ).

Please try to link to a page or some resource. it will make trying to fulfill your much easier.

I’ll try to fulfill your request as fast as i can!

here are some popular pages to get resources from:



  1. Is it possible can you add a search column on this site? so i will much more easier to search up the anime or games.

  2. Hi, nice web you have.
    but with all due respect, can you also upload the smaller size along with the bigger size so we can choose either to download the big size file or the smaller one. Just my 2 cents :)

  3. Hi,

    can you upload “Be taming” from “herncia” ? I dont find it anywhere on the net without these “filesmonster” link. Good night

      1. please upload the limited edition episode of ‘koikishi-purely kiss’. thanks. i really wanna watch it.

  4. Please : せかいいちのかほうもの





    Mister Succubbus

  5. umm….why can’t i download any file from your site? the server says my address is blacklisted even i didn’t visit your site for almost 2 months because i’m so busy these days. is the server been updated with something broken recently?

      1. well, that good for you because i can’t download any file from you site. i’m stuck here and i don’t know what to do with that spamhaus. so long …DDH!!!

        1. bye, guess you can’t read instructions on how to fix the problem on Spamhaus. Your computer probably has a virus that has been pumping out spam but yeah, bye.

          1. come on… i don’t even know what is my ip address, so how am i supposed to fix the problem no spamhaus? i tried asking my friends that always visit your site for solution but none of them know how to fix it either…can you please teach us how? we are so dumb and desperate here.

  6. sorry to disturbing you again. can you try download ‘shinseiki inma seiden’ from your site and ‘eroge-h-game-development sanmai episode 3’ from HAD as free user? i can’t download any of them (the page just keep refreshing and it won’t start the countdown) but other video works fine.

    1. this isn’t the support page. you have an issue with something you make your comment in that post. I fixed the possible issue you are having

  7. why can’t i download any of rabid files (as free download)? i click the ‘slow download’ and ‘estimated download time’ but the page just keep refreshing (it won’t take me to the ‘rechapta’ or something like that). this problem has been there for a week or so till now.

    1. i’ll check it right now but have you cleared your cache? There have been recent updates to the site

      update: yup, works fine for me. Try turning off adblock if you have it enabled

      1. sorry, can you teach me how to turn off adblock? i’m no good with these kind of stuff…btw i’m using chrome.

      2. first,i cleared the cache as you suggested. second, i don’t have adblock installed in any of my browser. third, i tried whole day to download but still…..can someone help me?

  8. i see you have the ecchi manga “kagaku na yatsura” vol 1~3, can you please upload vol 4 and onwards (in japanese language) ? thanks.

  9. can you upload a hentai anime ‘Moonlight Lady’ episode 1~5 (uncensored) with DDL? i saw it in but its only has the torrent. since both of your sites are using rabidfiles, can you do something about it? i really appreciate it if you can post the DDL. thanks.

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