1. Nvm, fixed it, lol!
    For those who would have the same problem as me, you have to have the Japanese language pack. Pretty easy to enabled. Here is how:

    1. Click on [ Start ] then [ Control Panel ].
    2. Click on [ Clock, Language, and Region ] —-> [ Regional and Language Options ].
    3. Click the [ Adminstrative ] tab (rightmost tab) —-> [ Change system locale… ]
    4. On Region and Language Settings window, click the drop-down list for Current system locale.
    5. Find and select [ Japanese (Japan) ].
    6. Click [ OK ] and confirm changes. Restart PC so that the update takes effect.

    If Japanese was not in the drop-down list please follow these instructions:
    1. Click on [ Start ] then [ Control Panel ].
    2. Find [ Windows Update ] and select [ Check for Updates ].
    3. Find [ Japanese Language Pack ] in available optional updates.
    4. Install the language pack. Log off Windows then log on again so that the update takes effect.

    Credit: http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/faq/down#d_q9

    Thanks DeathMarine for sharing.

  2. Hi DeathMarine, i think there is something wrong with the files. I have winrar 5.20 64bit. So I extracted and installed the game easily, everything were perfect until i started the game, it pop up “systant error” and the windows with blue screen and all kinds of words in it.
    is this game compatible with win 7 64bit ?

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